LB Hackney

Hackney is one of the most diverse and creative boroughs in one of the world’s greatest cities and we were delighted to have the opportunity to work with the council recently to support a number of senior appointments. The council already has a strong employer identity, based around the proposition ‘Find yourself in Hackney’ and we built on this branding to ensure that it was relevant, meaningful and inspiring to candidates for their most senior vacancies. The kinds of vacancies involved represented some of the biggest opportunities in local government – so we worked closely with Hackney’s in-house comms team to create a distinctive and cohesive campaign that gave Hackney an aura of change, dynamism and true possibility. It proved to be an eye-catching inspiring and motivating campaign, in which targeted press ads with minimal text directed quality candidates to a dedicated microsite where they could learn more and apply.

View a high-res PDF here

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