Celebrations of diverse kinds

It’s been an unconscionably long time since we peered out of our Northern fastness and barked anything at the world. Sorry about that. But on the plus side it’s because we’re getting busier and busier, to the point that we’ve taken on an experienced new project manager (see here for a pen portrait of the Head Girl). With several design and print projects under our belt for the Mayor of London since last summer, we’ve also been retained to publish an exclusive finance quarterly magazine, and produced two separate series of policy publications for a some extremely amiable academics. We turned 9 in January (which means we must be coming up to 9 1/2 now..), gained a new client with some old faces, and rounded off a very purple patch by winning the PPMA 2014 award for Best Professional Campaign for our client, Solace Enterprises.

I suppose it’s possible we’ve peaked. But I prefer to think there’s more in the tank. TTFN.

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