TES breaks new ground in teacher recruitment

Anyone who works in our around education knows that the operating environment is tough. But recent research by TES illustrates just how tough it might still become. In findings resonant of LB Barnet’s infamous ‘Graph of Doom‘, the TES suggests that teachers are leaving the profession faster than ever; that pupil numbers are steadily increasing; and that new entrants to the profession are staying for less time.

This points to a real recruitment crunch over the next few years, and it’s therefore essential that every school maximises its profile, attractiveness and reach into the marketplace when recruiting. The new TES Portal goes a long way towards supporting this objective, and its impact is enhanced by the paper’s new subscription model, now being rolled out across the country.

However, knowing how to get the most out of this new paradigm will still need intelligent, reflective and experienced input from those within the school and their advisers. Senior leaders in schools are the experts in understanding what will sell their school to candidates, but the how is where an agency like NDC can add real value – and in a candidate market like none we’ve seen before, our advice and support is no longer a luxury, but essential.

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