Branding and ID

Oh, so misunderstood. We start from the position that however lovely your logo, if it doesn’t fit your organisation’s values, marketplace and culture, it’s just a pretty badge. And if you’ve got a tired corporate ID, it will stop potential customers before they even lift the knocker, let alone cross your threshold. So there are two main ways we work with clients. Where a brand’s owners recognise that it has historically been strong, but that its market is in transition, we help to understand the direction of travel and shape an evolved incarnation of the brand, usually incorporating work on the corporate identity as well. We’re always careful to appreciate the brand in all its expressions, treating the legacy and affection it inspires with great respect.

On the other hand, if we’re retained to launch the next big thing on the unsuspecting world, we work closely with you to understand not only the product, but also your competitors, target market, and (perhaps most crucially) the overall ambition of a new company. We know how precious is the emotional, personal vision that an entrepreneur has for their ideas, and we take great care to treat yours as we would our own.

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